How Long Do Car Batteries Last?

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Is your car having trouble starting and you’re thinking it might be time for a car battery change? How long do car batteries usually last? The average vehicle battery life can reach up to five years under ideal conditions, but that can vary based on multiple factors. For instance, how long do car batteries last when exposed to the kind of harsh winters we get in the Traverse City area? The service center team at Serra Toyota of Traverse City wants to help you keep your car running for years to come. So, we’ve put together the guide below on average vehicle battery life and how to tell when it’s time to replace it.

How Long Do Car Batteries Usually Last?

How long do car batteries last? That can often depend on factors like harsh winter weather and whether you need to start your car several times a day for several short trips as opposed to just twice a day for your Cadillac commute. These things can shorten a battery’s lifespan. So, then, how long do car batteries usually last? The average vehicle battery life span is usually three to five years.

How Can You Tell if It’s Time for a Car Battery Change?

Since multiple factors can negatively impact your battery’s life, there may be signs it needs to be replaced long before it has reached the average vehicle battery lifespan. It’s important to know these signs so you don’t end up broken down along our Manistee roads. How long do car batteries last once you start to notice these signs? Usually, not very long. Sometimes a battery may die the same day you notice there’s an issue. So, schedule an appointment with our service center right away if your car or battery is showing any of the signs below:

Indications You May Need a Car Battery Change

  • Your car takes a long time to start
  • There are bulges in the battery
  • The check engine light is flashing (there could be other reasons for this)
  • The battery has leaks

Trust Your Car to the Professionals at Serra Toyota of Traverse City

Don’t leave your car’s battery life to chance. Let our trained experts look at it so you don’t find yourself stranded somewhere. If you found this guide to be helpful, you may also enjoy our posts on why your car shakes when braking and the meanings of the different dashboard warning lights. We’re just a short drive away from Glen Arbor, so drop by or contact us today.

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