What Does the Light On My Dashboard Mean?

Service light on dashboard


While every Toyota model is built to last, eventually, you’ll need to take care of some routine service. When your car needs some TLC, you may find yourself asking, “What does the light on my dashboard mean?” Lucky for you, you can rely on the Serra Toyota of Traverse City team to guide you through all of your car care needs. Paying attention to your dashboard warning lights is critical to ensure safety and to keep your vehicle in good shape. When the lights in your dash turn on, you may need to check the engine, fill your tires, or swap your oil. Learn how to decipher your dashboard warning lights with our service team below!

Dashboard Warning Lights & Their Meanings

So, what do the warning lights in your dashboard mean? Find descriptions of some of the most important dashboard lights below so you can have greater peace of mind on the Glen Arbor streets:

Engine Warning Lights:

  • Coolant Temp Warning – If your fan isn’t working properly, the coolant is low, or you have a leak, the light will turn on.
  • Service Vehicle – This indicator generally turns on when you have an electrical issue.
  • Reduced Power Warning – When you see this warning, it means there’s a malfunction in your engine.
  • Cruise Control – This indicates that you’ve toggled on cruise control, allowing you to set your speed at any point.

Brake System Warning Lights:

  • Brake System – This light is warning you about an issue with your brakes, like the brake fluid being low or an ABS problem.
  • Traction Control or ESP – When this light comes on, it means your electronic stability system is in use.

Safety & Informative Warning Lights:

  • Security Alert – If you find that your ignition switch is locked, or you left a door open, this light will serve as a warning.
  • Fog Lamp – This is a reminder that you have your brights on, something you’ll want to keep an eye on if you encounter traffic!
  • Airbag Fault – When you see this indicator, it means your airbag system is malfunctioning. You will want to have this issue resolved immediately.
  • Washer Fluid Reminder – This light is a reminder to top off your washer fluid.

Tires Warning Lights:

  • Tire Pressure Warning Light The Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) light is a warning that one or more of your tires has an improper air volume. Too much or too little air both can cause issues, so you’ll want to adjust your tire pressure right away.

Learn More About Dashboard Warning Lights in Traverse City

When questions like “What does the light on my dashboard mean?” pop up, you can count on Serra Toyota of Traverse City to have your back. Contact our service pros for personalized guidance, or explore our service tips and tricks, like how to clean leather car seats, to feel more confident taking on DIY in your Manistee garage. If you need car care right away, schedule service with us near Cadillac today!

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